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Flow Measurement

electromagnetic fm1.png

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

For all applications with conductive liquids


Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Used to measure the mass flow of liquids, such as water, acids, caustic, chemicals, and gases/vapors


Ultrasonic flow meters

For process utility applications, energy and custody transfer measurements


Variable Area Flow Meters

For simple and cost-effective flow measurement of gases or liquids without auxiliary power


Differential Pressure Flow Meters

For a wide range of process applicaitons


Vortex Flow Meters

For utility applications, advanced energy management and Safety Instrumented Systems(SIS)

Flow Measurement: Inventory

Industrial Requirements

  • Custody transfer - For all process and custody transfer applications

  • Ex

  • Functional Safety (SIL)

  • Hygienic

  • Marine

  • Nuclear

  • Potable water

Measured Media


  • Liquids

  • Gases

  • Steam

Flow Measurement: Text
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