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Sealants & Corrosion Protection

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Corrosion Protection Wrapping Tape 

  • Corrosion Prevention Coating Of Ductile Pipes

  • For High Mechanical & Corrosive Stresses

  • Self-Amalgamating

  • Stronger Adhesion

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Heat Shrinkable Sleeves 

  • Guaranteed Reliable Protection Even At High Temperatures

  • Outstanding Lap Shear Strength & Peel Strength

  • Resulting In Significant Time & Cost Savings 

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Mastic (Putty) & Other Sealants 

  • Applicable To Pipes Made Of Cast Iron, Steel & Stoneware – Without Preheating

  • Outstanding Lap Shear Strength & Peel Strength.

  • Reliable Protection Against Corrosion & Root Penetration

Sealants & Corrosion Protection: Inventory
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